All product photography provided by Eric Kusin - Mel's Grandson. You can use it. But you won't. It's not that good. The good photography is stock photography.

Guess I should've put some of that header down here. OK, here's more about Mel. 

Mel was born in 1926. He's done a bunch of really cool stuff (served the country in WWII, started a furniture store and a bowling alley, plays a mean horn) but you're here to learn about his 5th child, The Devil's Own Chili.

After serving as a judge for the World Chili Cook Off, Mel realized his trademark chili blend wasn't good enough. Showing cognitive dissonance rare in the world, Mel set out at the age of 90 to prove you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

About 135 taste tests with family and friends, and sampling dozens of unique pepper spices from around the world, Mel settled on the recipe that would become The Devil's Own Chili. Other chili companies use just one or two actual chili peppers in their blend. That's garbage. Don't eat garbage. 



Our Mission

Our mission is to rid the world of terrible chili. Chili is the best. Everyone likes chili. If you don't like chili just go ahead and get off this website. I'm not on your website, and you shouldn't be on mine. Anyway, our mission is to spread our family's version of The Taste of Texas. It's delicious.

The Devil’s Own Chili is the best chili I’ve ever made. I’m annoyed I used to make such bad chili.
— Everyone